Purchase PLL pack


Thank you for considering buying the PLL route package.

Before you do purchase, you may wish to read this guide we have produced to assist with downloading and installing the package. To download it, right-click the 'download' button and 'save target as' or 'save link as'. The guide is included with the download files for the package so you can get it with your purchase if you prefer.

In order to comply with the new EU VAT regulations we are obligated to charge VAT at the rate applicable in your location. To make this easier we have elected to provide our product via a third party system, FastSpring.

The cost is £19.99 (+VAT if applicable in your location) for the entire package.

One final thing,
Be aware of these requirements for using the package. You will need;

  • Trainz TS12 patched with SP1 or Trainz Mac2
  • Access to the download station
  • A reasonably fast PC with a decent amount of memory to get the best from the route

Install Guide for the PLL package

Potteries Loop Line - Install Guide

This guide will step you through the process of installing the Potteries loop Line pack and outline how to get the assets from the DLS.

Instructions for both TS12 and TS Mac 2 are included.

Link to purchase

Click the button to purchase via Fastspring


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